Friday, July 18, 2014

July 2014 Campnano Wk 2 - WritingProject: Countdown Series #2 Intro and Update #5

Countdown Series #2

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Project Goal: To get a first draft of two novels at an estimated 20k each which makes it a total of 40k.

Stage of writing: First Draft

What inspired my current project: I read a story on tumblr and read comments that said someone should write a story based off that topic. The suggestions and my desire to expand on it inspired my own version. It's sci-fi but it takes place in the not too distant future. lol

Last Update WC: 20,647
Week's Total WC: 10,804

Total Story WC: 31,451

Daily WC:
  1. 1,682 
  2. 1,317 
  3. 2,222
  4. 1,789 
  5. 2,327
  6. 0
  7. 1,467
Last 200 words:

I stood up, "Why is my love life being analyzed by you guys? Is it that surprising that I can't have a serious non-romantic female friend?" I asked jabbing my fingers at both Amelia and Zadie. Amelia looked slightly embarrassed while Zadie wrinkled her nose.

The coffee beeped and Sedric went to get some cups that were sitting on the drying rack. I crossed over to the coffee as Sedric poured for everyone.

Amelia held up a placating hand, "While it's true you are able to have a platonic relationship, we feel that there is a little more between you two."

I took a sip relenting, "Fine. IF there is something going on, please explain it to me."

She slid a sidelong glance at the others. Turning to Sedric she said, "Maybe you should have a go at it."

Momentarily stunned at being put on the spot Sedric coughed on his coffee. "Why me?"

Amelia looked up at him, "You can explain it more to him from a male's perspective."

Dylan put his head on his cupped hands, his elbows on the table. "Daddy, will you tell us about the birds and the bees?"

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