The Beta Reader Hunt: Blindfolded Love (Fantasy Novel) + New Monthly Mailing List

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Hey everyone! As you guys have probably know, I've been working on my project Blindfolded Love. I'm currently working on the 2nd draft but decided to go ahead and see if there were any of my wonderful followers who are interested in beta reading the story for me. :)

Ideally I'll finish with my drafts by mid to late January 2015. I would like to send out the manuscript to betas late January to early February. I would like feedback to be sent back to me by the end of February so I can make the edits in March to be sent to a few more betas before my ideal release date in April 2015.

If you're interested, please fill out the form below. If you're not sure what Blindfolded Love is then check out my little synopsis I have below. I can provide a sample excerpt if you're on the fence to see if it's something you're interested in reading.

Feel free to contact me at AisaziaCreations (at) if you have any questions about this!

Please share with anyone you think who might be interested.

Also I have a new monthly mailing list to better keep in touch with my readers. If you're interested, please sign up here (or you can sign up on the right side of the navigation):

Thanks for reading!

Important Dates (subject to change):

  • Send MS to Betas: Late January to Early February
  • Receive Feedback by: End of February
  • Make edits and send to more Betas: March
  • Release Date: April (Tentatively)

Blindfolded Love
Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Adventure
Niella, a Creahuntress (creature hunter) Princess, wants to avoid marrying her betrothed arranged by her uncle. She doesn't want to marry someone she doesn't love or who isn't on her skill level. Her uncle agrees but in order to void the marriage she must capture or kill the Creashifter, QuickSilver, a creature shifter who has been able to elude all Hunters. Quicksilver is also responsible for the deaths of her father and brother.

2014 Nanowrimo Noble Failure + Website

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Here's my Nanowrimo Noble Failure. Yeah, it's not too impressive but not bad since that is all hand written. This year was not my best. I got stuck early on and then life began to hit me all at once. Without going into all the details the gist is: family, job interviewing, and glutened. lol

There were a few days I could have written but I didn't. Mostly because I didn't feel like it and then decided I needed a website. For those of you not following me on twitter, I created a new personal/small business website portfolio! Check it out at and let me know what you think! 

I haven't been reading, sketching, or writing anything lately which I miss dearly. I have not been able to manage my time as efficiently these days because of the emotional and physical drains.

I hope that you all did well with Nanowrimo! I will still be attempting to edit my current projects. Hopefully I'll be able to do so more during Winter break but I have a feeling my family will want to do things which I won't say no to because they probably wouldn't take no as an answer. Plus it is becoming more rare for me to see them so I won't deny my time with them.

By the way, still looking for people willing to beta my books! So if you like YA fantasty, scifi, or paranormal feel free to contact me! :D

2014 Nanowrimo Wk 1 - WritingProject: WYDM Intro and Update #1

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Would You Date Me?!

Want to follow my daily progress? Follow me at:
Twitter @ Aisazia
Project Goal: To get a first draft of a romance/contemporary novel.

Stage of writing: First Draft

What inspired my current project: A story that was going to be based off a couple of characters in my head that were supposed to be a comic. Then I realized I need a story before I actually draw it. lol

Last Update WC: 0
Week's Total WC: 8,400
Total Story WC: 8,400

Daily WC:
  1. 1,925
  2. 2,075
  3. 2,200
  4. 2,200
  5. 0
  6. 0
  7. 0
If you're curious about my math (I adjust as needed but I always underestimate my current word count):

  • Write 7 pages like normal in my current Staples Sustainable Earth Composition Notebook
  • Count words by line for each of those 7 pages then divided by number of lines on the page (25 lines)
  • Take averages of all 7 pages then find average words per line = 11.2 words
  • 11(words) x 25 (lines) = 275 words per page
  • 1667 (daily word count) / 275 = 6.06 pages
  • Round up and overestimate word count = 7 pages a day

Thus I need to write at least 7 pages a day to make my daily word count.

No excerpts since I'm hand writing everything and don't want to type it up as I go but have some blurred pictures instead! lol *dodges tomatoes*

Other Updates:

Nanowrimo 2014 + Inktober

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Happy Belated Halloween and Nanowrimo!

So, I fell off the wagon with Inktober but I managed to get a little over half way done. Here are the rest of them if you're curious to see. Some of them turned out better and some worse than I expected but it was still a fun little exercise I was able to do for the month.

The job hunt is still on but I'm trying to stay optimistic. I'm glad to have a good part time job for now but I really feel like I'm not doing as well as I hoped. Still fighting and doing my best, that's all I can do after all, isn't it? lol

Well, going to try to get some posts prepared for Nanowrimo so I won't have an excuse to not get it done this month. :D Hope you guys are ready for a bunch of Nanowrimo posts with little excerpts! lol

Review: Shoplet Featuring At-a-Glance Collections Calendars

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Hey all! It's been awhile since I've done office supplies review, so here I am with a new one for you! Anyways, I was fortunate enough to try out some products from Shoplet. With a new year around the corner it was about time I looked for a new one.

The products:

Inktober 2014 + Birthday

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Hey guys! So I decided last minute to do Inktober but I ended up already messing up a few days in. XD These are more like sketches than actual ink drawings but at least it's something and I'm getting them done, right? lol Actually I had to catch up, but fortunately I was never more than a day or two behind. haha Those of you following my twitter or tumblr know that I've been struggling to keep up but I hope to keep it going. 

My goal was to draw things I don't usually draw so some things look better than others but I tried to use references. Started a new sketchbook just for this. lol It's the little things, right? ^_~ For those of you who are curious. I'm using Noodler's Lexington Gray ink and a JinHao x750 fountain pen with a Fude nib. I'm still getting used to using that. It's harder than I thought to use. haha

My birthday is next week! I'm not sure what I'm going to do but it probably will be mostly uneventful. I'll probably still do dinner with friends and family. The challenges of getting older. XD Not sure if I'll splurge on buying myself something...Kind of already have almost everything I want. lol There are a few minor "wants" but nothing I really need. haha I should just try to read and mess around with my hobbies.

Oh I cleared out my old watercolor palette and exchanged the paints for slightly better paints. Switched from Artist Loft to Van Gogh. lol It's still a student quality paint but I read it's one of the highest student quality paint and I do like it better than my old Artist Loft. I still have the paint in a different palette so nothing will go to waste. ^_~ Been playing around with those as I'm still a novice with those.

Job search is still on. Trying to keep my head up and keep applying. Still working on Blindfolded Love's ending. Since I was busy with interviews the last few weeks I wasn't able to finish the end as I'd like but I'm still close. Going to see if I can work on that this weekend. :D Wish me luck! Still looking for Beta Readers so contact me if you're interested!

Alive + Job Search + Revising

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Hey lovelies, sorry I've missed the past few weeks, just been busy with life. Looking for a new job and living life. Not that it's really new, just now making a bigger push for a full time job. Been trying to be more serious about it because apparently I feel like a change in my life. I know this will take time away from my sketching and writing, but to be fair, I've been slacking on those too. lol

While I love where I am now, I realize I need to put myself out there and try to make the most out of my life. I'll still write and sketch but those will stay hobbies for now unless I hit it big. Then by all means, I'll take it. ^_~ For now I'm content with working and doing the things I love to do.

I've also officially ran out of scanned sketches now. lol Going to have to step up my sketching game and just take photos instead of scanning it. It's much faster for me that way. Also, I think I've nearly caught up on my more recent sketches. I know the past sketch dumps have been a combination of 2011-2013 sketches but I hope now it will be more recent for those of you who are following my progress.

In terms of updates, I have been revising Blindfolded Love! Finally! There still needs to be some smoothing out at the end but I think the story is near complete! It feels good to be this close to being done but also scary because it's the closest I've got to being done on a project I've been working on for awhile. o.0;; I'll finish up the end then go through the story and clean up any inconsistencies then go ahead and send it out to my betas or my Book Bouncers! 

If anyone is interested in being a beta for me, please contact me! Would love the feedback because I'm still new at this and could use unbiased but fair comments about my work.

Hope you all have been good! :D

Book Bouncers + Revising + Sketches

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Hey everyone! Hope you all have been well! So, I have been able to talk to a friend about my stories, aka from now on are coined Book Bouncers. Yeah I think it's funny. lol We talked out some of the plot issues I have with my stories and I got feedback about it. That has been so helpful!

My book bouncer seems to be pretty excited over the stories which is great! They read stories that I like so it's good to have someone who reads similar stories. They have the knowledge to help me avoid common cliches and stereotypes and solve some story issues with some original ideas. That definitely helps motivate me to finish it. I know it's mostly done but I just need to fill in the empty spaces and help make the transitions better. Still needs revised and completed but it's on its way to being done. 

Going to try to set some hard deadlines for myself now that I'm more available. I hope to finish these stories one day even if they aren't as good as I had hoped. I really need to get them out because I've had them for years and it's getting horrible how unfinished I am with everything. The same with my comic projects.

I decided to try assigning myself tasks for the week for my project so that I  hope to get a little done each week. I was doing it daily but for some reason fell off that wagon. I was so productive during that time. I forget what distracted me but now I need to start doing that again. *pulls out calendar*

Current task of the week: Revise Blindfolded Love's story structure and add new pieces to the story.

Life Update + Glass City Con + Otakon + Sketch Dump

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Hey everyone! I have sketches for you today! Did you miss them? lol I think I'm finally near the end of my 2012 and 2013 sketches. haha I need to start getting new images for 2014. I'm definitely going to change it up soon. I'm not going to scan them as often anymore (takes too long and it's not connected to my computer because it's too big and takes up too much space) and instead take photos which I feel is more appealing showing my tools of the trade and atmosphere.

As you all have known, I've been busy with cons the last few weeks and I had a great time! It was awesome to meet and talk to new people! I still need to go through all the business cards and info I got from artists. lol I'm so slow at doing that. I think I still have some from Otakon last year that I need to go through. I'm terrible. XD I'm going to try to knock those out in the next week.

Review: 1st Annual Big Comic Show

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Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts the last few weeks. Been recuperating the best I can especially with the holiday weekend and family coming over. Then I ended up focusing on writing for Campnanowrimo

Today I wanted to talk about the first Annual Big Comic Show (you can even see a rare photo of me on their page!) that happened in May hosted by a local library.

I arrived later than I would have liked. I live within 20-30 minutes but I still took a wrong turn and kept hitting all the lights so I made it much later than I would have liked. XD It didn't quite help that it rained that day too so it was deterring to most people from coming on a Saturday. When I did arrive there was a sign that told us which was our table or we could ask a librarian. We also got a couple little Hershey's nuggets with a welcome note which I thought was sweet (thank you!).

I was the last to set up in the room but there were some kind offerings of help that I had to turn down because I wasn't sure how I was setting everything up. The thing is, I haven't had a whole table to myself in awhile. I usually share with someone so it was strange having all this room. lol

Anyways, since it was the first year I didn't expect much sale-wise and while the people were kind and interested, I didn't make any sales. Not completely surprising since it is their first year and I can't complain too much since the tables were free but it would have been nice to recuperate some of the gas and time it took to get there. I think most people were interested in purchasing comics which as you all know I don't have any yet. Well I have some mini-comics completed but I am not satisfied with them and I didn't get any printed in time which was my fault. Still it was awesome to meet people and to talk to everyone.

The nice thing is that it was cool to meet all the other artists/comic creators in the local area. I haven't met some of them before so it was awesome to be able to network with a few of them. Overall, I had a good time and would like to attend next year if possible! :D

Now for all the photos!