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Finally! Got some pictures of the new notebook design I had printed on little notebooks. They are about 3.5x5 inches, so perfect for a pocket notebook or purse! It's paper is made from 100% recycled paper and is printed with soy-based ink. It has 32 blank pages for your creative use.

I created the design in Illustrator and had it printed professionally.

The idea was inspired by those situations where I have an idea and sometimes I would cage it up in my head later because I didn't have a way to preserve the idea. I decided to go with paper cranes flying out of the cage since they mean happiness, honor, loyalty, good luck, and peace. I thought those were good representations of ideas so I used that in place of real birds.

Close up shots of the notebook.

I left the front blank so people could DIY. As a creative person, I would give it a title and decorate it. I haven't decorated mine yet but I will post pictures when I do.

I had a person tell me it's perfect since they were left handed. I didn't even consider that but I'm glad that the person could feel more at ease using it.

The binding just uses staples but it lies pretty flat.

Not completely sure if it's fountain pen friendly, I think it handles ink fine but not wet inks with broad nibs. I haven't experimented with mine yet but if you're curious enough I could try it out in an extended review or update this review. :D

Like what you see? Great! Then enter below to win one! In honor of my birthday on Sunday (Oct 14) and since I've been delaying the release of these notebooks I decided to give one away to one of my wonderful readers!

If you don't or can't wait to win one you can buy one from my online store! I'm holding a FREE SHIPPING special for the premiere of these notebooks until November 1, 2012 (US only)! If you buy something from my store it increases your chances of winning in the giveaway! Don't forget to come back here to claim the extra points!

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I can't believe it's almost the end of October!! In Canada, I'd be sad because it means a chilly willy winter would be coming, but here, I'm THRILLED because the summer is way too hot for me in Texas and I very much prefer fall and "winter" here!

That's a seriously awesome design on the notebook. Love it.

Happy Birthday! Mine is Saturday, 10/13 :-)

I refuse to believe that summer is over. I've decided I'll keep sunshine in my heart, and pretend my coat is just suntan lotion, lol! I'm not much of an outdoor person, so I may be able to get away with this!

The weather has turned over the last few days, and it feels as if summer is definitely gone. We had a lovely one, though, and I have great memories of the sunshine.

I was charmed by your work! It perfectly fits the weather and my mood, sometimes. I love the "lonely-ish" aura it gives. :)

Weather has started to turn here & the leaves are falling as well. I think we may have one last family gathering before it gets too cold.

Well here in Australia summer has just begin to start so I think I'll just chill with a brilliant novel and cup of ice chocolate :)

We had two whole days of cool and by next week we'll be back in the 90s... in Southern California, summer never really ends LOL

Very unique idea for a notebook, thanks for the review!

Summer is already over where I live, unfortunately. All of our vegetables in the garden have been killed by the frost, and we might even get some snow in the coming weeks. Your notebook is absolutely beautiful, by the way. I love the symbolism of the paper cranes flying out of the cage.

I love this design and would love to win this notebook

Summer's pretty much done here (had snow yesterday). The next few days for me are about prepping for some surgery my husband's having and then trying to get a short story written for a mid-November deadline. After that, I plan to relax for the rest of the year. :)

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