Sunday, April 15, 2018

Apr 2018 CampNanoWrimo Wk 2 - WritingProject: SSS #1 - Update #2

Secret Short Story #1

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Project Goal: To get a first draft this novel.

Stage of writing: First Draft

What inspired my current project: Spin off of a character of a WIP novel I've started and wanted to expand the story of that character for fun.

Last Update WC: 4,551
Week's Total WC: 4,887
Total Story WC: 9,438

Daily WC:

  1. 713
  2. 771
  3. 802
  4. 712
  5. 809
  6. 0
  7. 744


Thoughts of the Week

Total Words This Week: 4,887

Decided to list some of my thoughts I've had during the week to give you a little more insight on my progress and/or struggles.

  • Dictating is still easier than typing everything out, even when I have to make corrections.
  • Unfortunately when I'm so focused on writing, I don't always realize that the dictation of the words didn't come out right so I didn't fix it. Still don't have the time to correct it all since I'm typically writing right before bed. This will be fun to clean up during revisions/edits. / end sarcasm
  • Missed a day because I spent the afternoon on Friday to hang out with a friend. It was fun and I needed it but fortunately I was able to get ahead enough that it didn't even make a dent to my word goal. Unfortunately, that also means I no longer have a buffer. lol
  • As always, I write best when I can visualize what's going on before I write or dictate the scene.
  • This story will no longer be a short story but likely a novelette or maybe even a novella.