Sunday, April 22, 2018

Apr 2018 CampNanoWrimo Wk 3 - WritingProject: SSS #1 - Update #3

Secret Short Story #1

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Project Goal: To get a first draft this novel.

Stage of writing: First Draft

What inspired my current project: Spin off of a character of a WIP novel I've started and wanted to expand the story of that character for fun.

Last Update WC: 4,887
Week's Total WC: 5,478
Total Story WC: 14,916

Daily WC:
  1. 702
  2. 738
  3. 1,007
  4. 777
  5. 753
  6. 774
  7. 727


Thoughts of the Week

Total Words This Week: 5,478

Decided to list some of my thoughts I've had during the week to give you a little more insight on my progress and/or struggles.

  • Seems I'm able to write the amount of words I need (667) daily in about a half hour to 45 minutes depending on how motivated or inspired I am.
  • I can consistently write about 700 words a day, maybe even more but I don't want to push myself too much or I may get burned out. This seems like an acceptable daily word count but I may up it to 800 after the month if I can.
  • I'm realizing I'm using a bunch of filler words and gestures. I'm going to need to edit a lot.
  • The story isn't even nearly done, it will likely be a novella.
  • I thought I'd spend more time writing during my vacation this week but I ended working on other projects I've been wanting to do for months which is great because it will help support my writing. I still was able to go above the word goals but I wanted to finish it by then but I mostly spent it trying to recover and relax.
  • Part of the previous bullet, I'm planning to move blogs after I finish with Campnano. All my content will move to the new blog so please keep a look out! I'll be announcing it on my social media as well! I'm excited to share it with you guys!