Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Finals Over + Winter Break

Bleh, sorry I've been dead lately...if you haven't been keeping up with my dA or livejournal entries then you don't know I just finished finals last Wednesday and my Graduate Application the Wednesday before that. lol So I've been busy trying to get that all sorted out first. So I'll be on break until school starts again January 3. OTL Thing is, I have assignments assigned a week prior to my first class so I'll be working on that probably the last week of break. T_T But at least it'll be my last trimester (yes I said trimester, it's not a typo) for my bachelors and we'll see if I got into grad school.

Enough of the complaining now. ^_^;; After my finals I ended up just being a bum at home, working, and relaxing catching up on movies. Glad to finally relax. X3 Sort of been drawing, I've got a list of things I want to do/complete during break but the more I think about it the more I think I won't finish it all. lol Oh well I should try to prioritize them at least. I just hate that the sun is setting so late so when I get home after work, there is about 2 hours of daylight and then night....-_-;; I don't really like wasting electricity to draw so I ended up sitting on the computer. Which is fine since I'm trying to do something on the computer. I guess I need to make the most of my time during the day. lol

Hopefully this random bunches of sketches will make up for my lack of  updates. *tries to act cute* /shot lol Anyways, doubt anyone really cares but I'm trying to draw the horses for BL and 2R. I guess I'll let rest of you guys whose who. If you have questions or can't figure out which is which, feel free to comment. XD

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