Wednesday, January 5, 2011

1st Post of the Year + Back to School

First post of the year! Yay!

Here are a bunch of random doodles/sketches. lol I'm not going to describe all the characters, I'll let you figure them out. Plus I have the webcomics tagged. lol

The animal sketches below were supposed to be 'cute' clay charms that I was going to make. I wanted to sketch out the designs before I did them....still need to make them.

So far I've found myself working a little more consistently on a few comics instead of jumping around so much. Namely: Blindfolded Love, Beauty & the Beast(title still pending), Unleash, 2Reflections, and Stolen Kiss. Although, I'm proud to say that I've been working mostly on the first two. :D I'm glad I've been able to focus on only a few instead of switching every so often. lol Yeah I know I still have problems. XD

Not much to say on terms of comic progress to show you, just haven't really been working on them...but I have been able to sketch more lately which is good since I need to stock up on sketches again for this blog. XD I've also learned to sketch more with a pen instead of pencil(like the sketch above) since it seems to smear in my sketchbooks. Pen smears less and is has more contrast, which I like better so you'll probably see more pen sketches in the future(so you can see all my mistakes XD).

I forgot if I mentioned but I also got a bunch of new sketchbooks during sales so the ones I've had for 2 years are not going to be as treasured as much. lol I seem to have this habit of using things I like only occasionally so that it'll last but I've had a couple of sketchbooks for about 2 years and still haven't filled them all up. XD So I need to treasure them less and fill those so I can use my other sketchbooks. X3

I also start school again so that  means I'll be busy...but at least I'll be graduating! Yay!!! Now I need to last till April...T_T Wish me luck! :D

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