Thursday, November 4, 2010

Paul's B-day and Grad School worries

Holy crap! October has already gone an passed...I have not been productive at all the past few weeks in relation to drawing. That's because I've been looking in to grad school. I've been stressing out trying to get things set up, recommendation letters, transcripts, statement of intent, and portfolio are needed to get in. The deadline is Nov. 19 in order to qualify for fellowships or associateships, and I hope I can make it! Luckily I don't need any test scores. XD I'm still taking classes which isn't too bad but still takes up a lot of time. Also had to pay and turn in my undergraduate form to graduate next trimester. Geh those fees really get to me, I didn't know I was always so stingy....oh Just glad that's going to be over with soon!

Didn't win the manga contest but that was to be expected, I didn't do the best I could have and I didn't do the tones. lol But the winners seemed fair. :) Short-entry winners.  Long-entry winners. I did get runner up for the Dreamkeepers Halloween Contest which is nice. lol

The sketch on your left is just a bunch of doodles trying to flesh out characters for Decryption and Blindfolded Love. Please ignore the horrendous anatomy and randomness. lol Hope you can tell them all apart. Most of you probably can't because I haven't really officially introduced these characters nor do I have any refs that you guys can look at. XD Sorry I'm working on my head. lol

I haven't even had time to really sketch. My mind and hand is itching to do it but I just haven't had time. Or if I did I would feel guilty because I should work on h/w or my graduate portfolio...Yeah...things are bit chaotic for me right now but I know I will survive. Ah well, just posting because it's also my brother's birthday but he doesn't even know this blog exists. XD Still trying to get at least one blog post up a month but it's hard to update when nothing new has happened....OTL

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