Friday, July 13, 2012

Review: Artist Loft World Fashion Journal

This review is about an Artist Loft Journal I bought from my local Michael's and am using as a journal. Started it in Mid-January 2012 and finished in May. I saw the cover and couldn't resist getting it with a 40% or 50% off coupon. Actually I saw it earlier but resisted buying it because I didn't have a coupon and already have too many journals. Ha! See how that stops me! XD

Right. To the review! You can't really tell in the photos but part of the cover is metallic gold so it's reflective and shiny! lol I'm kind of a sucker for pretty and shiny covers. I'm sure I'm not alone. ^_~ The map of the world also intrigued me and I would like to travel sometime in the future so I thought this journal reflected my desire. Although I was afraid I'll never use it for traveling I decided to just use it as a journal. I believe the map is in Latin but I'm not sure. Feel free to prove me wrong. lol Languages are not my forte.

As you can see the journal has 120 sheets of acid free paper. Seems like normal paper to me. Maybe a tad better than copy paper.

The page on the left is written in a BIC Crystal ballpoint and on the right is Noodler's Black with a Lamy Safari EF Nib.

 A close up shot.

It has a slight show or bleed through depending on what type of pen or ink you use. Not great with some heavy liquid pens but the Noodler's Black and Lamy inks seem to work fine. However, the Uniball inks I used seemed to bleed. Probably not good with heavy flowing fountain pens either. Ballpoints and gel pens are fine.

This is my first wrapped journal and I'm not sure I love it. I don't know if it is because the cover is so stiff but when I'm writing on the right side of the book the wrap keeps flipping up hitting my hand as I wrote. That was not pleasant. Although it helped to bend it back a few times to keep it from doing that. The bad thing is that the top of the wrap where I bent it is starting to break. I don't think I bent it that much but it seemed only the top part of the wrap seemed to be breaking. I've tried to be a little more careful handling it since I noticed. Not too pleased having to worry about taking care of it if I ever did take it on the go.

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  1. Wow. I have never seen this cover before but is this ever gorgeous!! Seems to do decently with fountain pens too. Awesome. Thanks for sharing, I love seeing reviews of journals I've never tried before!! ... Must check all the Michaels around here for one...