Friday, May 20, 2016

Puerto Rico 2016

Sorry for the lack of updates. I really need to get back into being productive with my work. Recently I've been fortunate enough to travel to San Juan, Puerto Rico this past Spring! It was lots of fun and I really enjoyed it. I went with my family and a friend so I wasn't alone. Here's a few glimpses of my travels. 

I had plans to wind down and write or sketch but that didn't happen as much as I had hoped since we were constantly moving more than I expected which was fine. We were there for a week and while it was drizzly and partly sunny, it didn't deter us from enjoying ourselves. I actually appreciated the clouds so I didn't have the opportunity to burn myself before my friend's wedding. 

Her wedding was good! No major mishaps so I'd consider it a success. Most things went according to plan and other than a few minor downsides (cold weather where we had to wear a strapless dress and heels as well as a light rain) it went well. A lot of people didn't speak English so there were people rudely talking during the wedding ceremony and reception speeches. Other than that, I think it was good and I'm so glad it's over. Sorry, no pictures for that since it's a private thing but know that it was successful. Now I can focus on the things I want to do! AKA find a full time job and work on my art and writing.

Now on to the photos!

Pics as we're descending towards Puerto Rico.

One of the beaches we went to which was about a 10 minute walk from our hotel. I don't remember how many beaches we went to, only 3 or so because of the rain.

They have a lot of touristy items for sale. I thought this was charming.

Decided to go to Old San Juan on the first day. Man, I don't know how people in the past traveled these steep hills in that humidity. I about died from sweat. I need to work a little more on exercising to get back into shape. Some crazy female tourists I saw were walking in heels on the rocky and uneven roads. I could barely do it with sneakers on. lol

A few of my TNs I brought with me and I'm glad I did. However, I didn't use my A5 as much as I'd like since it was heavier to carry while walking. We did a lot of walking which was fine and I expected it.

Another beach.

My pocket TN I brought with me to the beach. I didn't use it as much as I ended up reading more

One day we went to the rain forest at El  Yunque. It went well! We travelled to La Mina Falls which I have pics on my camera which needs to be copied to my computer. Instead here's a pic of the tower we went on and its view instead.

Our hotel which we spent a lot of time at while it rained which was fine with me. I liked the hotel, especially the free breakfast (which you pay with the resort fees) but they had a good variety so I can't complain as someone who can only eat Gluten Free. The pics were when we went outside and it started to rain lightly.

Last hurrah on the day we left PR. I wanted a banana split, it was super humid so I wanted something cool. I kind of regret it as it was expensive and I'm not sure this was gluten free as I think I reacted the next day...

Waiting during an overlay.

Our flight back home. It was cool to see the city lights as we descended. Don't get to see that view everyday.

It was the first time we rented a car, we got it from Enterprise and it was good for the most part. Wish that they had explained things about the tolls a bit more because we ended up getting charged a lot thinking our card was free but it ended up charging $8.95 to and from El Yunque. So just use the toll booths and don't do the express like we did, you'll save some money.

During my trip I bought apples and had plans to eat them throughout the week but ended up not needing it but then when I tried to bring it home on the plane, they wouldn't let me citing there was an epidemic of Caribbean fruit flies so they wouldn't let me take them out. Made sense at the time so had to leave my $4.99 3lb bag of tiny apples to be thrown away which nearly killed me as I don't like wasting food or money. I know I had no problems bringing apples from the States to PR so I thought I wouldn't have trouble the other way around. Turns out PR is strict about letting fruit out of the country. I was able to keep my oranges though (only had 3 of them). Just FYI if you plan on traveling there and want to bring snacks. My family kept making fun of me for that. lol

Overall, it was a good experience. I had a good and memorable time. I'd like to visit again some time, mostly for the beaches. Maybe explore the other cities since we didn't do so much this time around. Still, I'm glad to have the opportunity to visit it with my family because those are memories we'll always remember.

Have you guys ever been to Puerto Rico? Where did you go? Do you have recommendations?

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