Monday, April 17, 2017

Life Update: New Job and Other Random Things

Ok, so I totally meant to post this right after I heard I got my new job! Which was *cringes* about 8 months ago...But I ended up finding that working full time is a lot more tiresome than I expected. I knew there would be a transition but the longer I was there, and the more I learned, the harder it was to have energy to blog or do anything once I got home. Still enjoy the job but found my spare time was a lot more limited than I would like. The reason I am able to post today is because I took a day off. I've taken off other days but I remembered the blog today. haha I haven't forgotten you guys, just haven't had much to say.

I digress, I'll try to blog more frequently. Hoping for at least once a month, but more would be ideal. I just to keep you all in the loop since it looked like I disappeared off here but do follow me on Twitter as I'm more active there. Anyways, here's the post I was going to schedule but forgot and then didn't have time...Sorry guys!

Anyways, hope you all are doing great!



Hey friends! Sorry I haven't been around. I've been meaning to update but I've been so busy with my new job! I am super ecstatic about it! I've been searching for a full time job for awhile so I'm feeling extremely blessed and fortunate for this opportunity. Unfortunately, it'll mean I'll have less time so I'm trying to enjoy what time I have while I can. That means sketching and working on my projects as well as spending time with my family. Check out below what I've been able to do for the Summer!

I'm on snapchat, find me at Aisazia. I haven't really used it much but I took a few snapchats of things that I found funny or interesting.

Here's a bird that lives in the lilac bush right outside my bedroom window. This is the second robin that decided to hatch an egg there.

Someone decided to try to take a bite out of a fake apple. XD

I haven't been able to play Pokemon Go yet, my phone sucks and I need a new one. It's ran out of space and all the things I tried to delete wasn't enough. I just need to replace it.

Took some snapchats of my trip to Cedar Point with my family. Got a few people who smoked in line which is a non-smoking area. D:< If you couldn't tell, I despise the smell of cigarette smoke. I saw a few others but didn't have time to take a picture as I walked by them. Otherwise, had a great time and it wasn't as cold in the dark or as hot in the sun as I expected. Enjoyed the night shots, it was almost a full moon. :D

Went to eat some dim sum the following day and inhaled everything. Ended up also taking some more to go since this place isn't close to us.

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