Friday, April 3, 2015

Draft Sent to Betas + April Campnano + Sketches

Hey all! Apologies again for the inconsistent blogging schedule. As you know I've been working on my novel and life took over. My car decided to have issues and I went out to hang with some friends too. Oh, and family came over to visit so I've been busy. lol

Well I finally did it!

So if you signed up and didn't get an email from me that has the draft and questionnaire, please let me know!

This is a huge step for me because I've been working on this project off and on for years. I've talked about it a little but besides allowing some people to read the prologue (which I ended up cutting) no one else has read anything I wrote.

Originally I wanted it as perfect as I could make it but it finally hit me that it won't be perfect. Eventually I realized I just wanted it done. lol So I just decided it was good enough to send to my betas. Of course, as the deadline approached my muse decided to add some last minute scenes which ultimately will help with the flow and pace but might need smoothing out.

I'll make those edits once I get feed back from my betas. :D Depending on what feed back I'll get, I might do a second round of beta readers so if you're interested in beta reading for me and missed this round. Go ahead and sign up here and I'll add you to the next round if I decide to do another round. :D You'll also be included for future beta reading.

I have plans to work on a few things during Campnanowrimo but I've already fallen behind. I plan on catching up. I want to work on a few outlines for two series of mine. I'll flesh those out but I didn't know that the minimum word count is 10k. I don't write that detailed of an outline so I decided to add a short story that I want to submit for an anthology. I'm a little stuck at the moment but I hope to find a spark of inspiration soon.

I've been working on some watercolor experimentation. You can see those on my Twitter or my Instagram.

Also I got my Nomad Art Satchel! Been excited to get this for awhile! I'll have to play around with it some more, but I want to do a review on it. As there are few reviews online, I thought I'd try to be helpful and share my thoughts. :) Look forward to that!

Yikes, a lot more things have happened than I thought. lol That's it for now, I'll see you guys the next time! Stay cool! Enjoy the weather if you can! It's rainy but at least the temperatures are fairly nice. :)

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