Friday, March 20, 2015

Review: Shoplet Featuring BIC Pens

BIC Pen reviews! I had an invitation to review these items and when I saw them, I was sold. Read more to learn why!

The products:
Let's start with the Atlantis pens. I have actually used these ballpoint pens before and they are actually my favorite disposable pen. I like the design and they are fairly affordable with a good writing experience for me. 

I love clickers because they make it easy for me when I'm in a rush to write something down. The writing experience is good enough for me, not fountain pen or gel pen smooth but it works for me. It's not spectacular but it's smooth enough and I don't need too much pressure when I write.

I apologize for the photo orientation, didn't have time to rotate them all but it works well enough.

Here you can see the differences in the widths of points between the Comfort(M) and Exact(F). There's a test example of the BIC Crystal Stylus which writes as a typical BIC Crystal. It works ok for me. The yellow line is the color of the Window Marker I tested. I didn't try the pink but it's just as vibrant.

Packaging of the Window Markers.

I tested on my room window just to see how it worked. It was easy to get started and easy to read. When I tried to wipe it off there was a little smearing which you can see in the second image below. Definitely use a wet cloth to clean because a dry one won't cut it. Also I it takes work than I thought to clean but it's not too hard. Not sure how easy it would be to clean after being on there a long time. I cleaned it several minutes after I wrote on the window.

The BIC Cristal Stylus 2-in-1 Pen  is a clever idea. The BIC Cristal pen is something everyone knows or has used so the experience in writing is the same a regular Cristal. The stylus at the bottom is a neat touch. I actually don't own a tablet but I tried it on my phone and it worked well. I like the little addition of the metallic design on the pen, it helps differentiates between this pen and a regular Cristal pen.

You can't quite tell, but the stylus has a soft bottom. I'm not sure what the material is but it might be silicone. There is a little pocket of air or something within the stylus so you could add a little touch sensitivity with the stylus. I used it to sketch a bit with my phone and it worked surprisingly well. My art app isn't fantastic but it works for writing and a bit of sketching.

Since I've been a fan of the BIC Atlantis pens, I thought I'd show you a few generations I had. I'm not sure if what I have is the first generation but it's the first time I found, bought, and used them. The oldest is the one on the left, please ignore the yellowing grip. Not sure why or how that happened. You can see it's made of all plastic. Then the next time I bought it, BIC changed the clip and color of the grip. The older generations write similar to the Comfort (M) nib.

If you compare the older versions to the current versions you can see some differences. Now the pens are entirely made of the rubberized grip. I don't hate it but I kind of like the original design better but I don't mind this new design. Of the colors between the Exact and Comfort, I like the black and silver over the blue and white. Just a personal preference.

Oh, I forgot to take a photo but the nib of the Exact is small, needle-like, compared to the regular nib of a ball point pen. I had concerns that it would break if I drop it but it'd probably be fine. I don't like the aesthetic look of it because it looks like a needle sticking out of the pen. It's not seamless like the Comfort or older version of the pen which I preferred. The writing experience of the Exact is good, I actually like it a little more than the Comfort in terms of details when I'm sketching. Both are good writers for me.

Overall, a good frugal selection of pens. The Atlantis pens will continue to be a personal favorite ballpoint of mine. I like BIC Cristals since they are cheap and if I lose one I won't cry about it. The addition of the stylus is a nice touch in case you use a pen or a stylus at work. I won't use the Window Markers often but they were pretty fun and cool to use and easy enough to clean with a little of elbow work.

What do you guys think of these pens. Have you used them before? Let me know what you think!

**Disclaimer: These products were provided by Shoplet and in return for this review I was able to keep the product in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was paid. All Promotional ProductsMedical SuppliesOffice Supplies, and/or Office Stationary are courtesy of Shoplet.

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