Friday, October 24, 2014

Review: Shoplet Featuring At-a-Glance Collections Calendars

Hey all! It's been awhile since I've done office supplies review, so here I am with a new one for you! Anyways, I was fortunate enough to try out some products from Shoplet. With a new year around the corner it was about time I looked for a new one.

The products:
I was surprised that this year we were offered to try a different brand of planners this year. Previous years were House of Doolittle (2013, 2014). I was glad to try out a new type of calendar. Not that I didn't like the others but it's good to branch out and try other ones once in awhile.

Let's start with the Wall Calendar. This is a nice large size (12 x 16 1/4 inches) so it is noticeable on the wall. It's not so large that it'll take up too much space, it's as large as a picture frame but this one is functional.

Here's a closer look at the first page which is a bit glossy compared to the actual calendar pages.

Although it doesn't look like it, all the paper in this review is white. I just have poor lighting in my room. The paper is slightly toothy, similar to regular paper. I like the layout where you can list things. I'm a lister so this will be very useful for me in the future.

I think the paper took fountain pen ink fairly well. This is with my Lamy Safari EF with Noodler's Lexington Gray. The outline box is Lamy Safari Italic 1.1mm with Noodler's Bad Gator Green.

Minor ghosting and slight bleed through but you're not going to see it with this calendar since you'll just flip it up on the new month. Just thought it was worth mentioning.

Now the Weekly/Monthly Planner was something that caught my eye. It's a bit chunkier than I thought it would be compared to previous planners I've had but it's not too obtrusive. It's more hefty, but it also could be due to its size at 8.5x11 inches. I usually prefer smaller sizes so I can carry them around easier. This isn't too bad though, it helps that it's a standard US letter size so I don't mind carrying that around as much as something larger.

Close up on the band which is plastic and partially transparent.

Something I want to mention about the cover, it feels so amazing! I think I might be in love. Usually I don't care what a cover feels like as long as it isn't scratchy, protects the inside papers, and is easy to grip but it was love at first touch with this cover. It's so velvety. That's the best word to describe it. I could pet it all day long. That material only exists on the front and back outside covers. The inside of the cover is the usual plastic similar to what you see on the K and L. Not a problem for me.

Made from 30% post-consumer waste and printed with vegetable based inks. Yay for eco-friendly products! I wonder if this is the same for the wall calendar. I checked on the site and it appears that it is not made from the same post consumer waste.

Built in tabs! Oh man, I love this feature, it definitely makes it so much easier to flip through when searching for something. I just wonder how long it will last. They are made of thick paper, perhaps cardstock? I liked the little engraved metallic imprints of the month on the tabs. It's a nice touch.

They have a monthly view! I guess I didn't realize how much I missed it until I didn't have it in my previous calendar. lol They even have a little notes section on the right which is lovely.

I do like the layout of this weekly planner. It leaves you plenty of space to write lists and what not. I would have liked to see hours listed but it's not a huge deal. I like that they left space at the bottom for notes.

More comparisons with my fountain pens. Looks like it works well with EF and F nibs. It might bleed more with M or B nibs.

Ghosting but no bleed through for this round but I also didn't use my Italic 1.1mm nib.

I had forgotten to take a photo of the folder in the back that is included in the back for any of your additional paper paraphernalia. It's a typical dark gray plastic folder with dual pockets, one on the front and back. I like that feature since it's easier to slip things into it without it falling out easily. I normally stick papers into the actual planner pages but this will be much smarter in the future since I've dropped papers when I pick the planner up the wrong way.

Things I would like to see:

  • Make it a little smaller (Looks like they do offer a smaller version but I can't find the information)
  • Be more eco-friendly. 30% is good but I think it can be better.
  • Add hours in half hour increments. Not a big issue, just a preference.
  • Make the velvety part of the cover the entire cover so I can pet it more.

Other than that, I think overall, both are good calendars to start off the new year. I can definitely see myself using the weekly/monthly planner more once the dates arrive than my current planner. They work well with extra fine or fine nibs. Highly recommended if you like quality planners.

What do you guys think of the calendars? Have you tried this brand before?

**Disclaimer: These products were provided by Shoplet and in return for this review I was able to keep the product in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was paid. All Promotional ProductsMedical SuppliesOffice Supplies, and/or Office Stationary are courtesy of Shoplet.

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