Friday, October 10, 2014

Inktober 2014 + Birthday

Hey guys! So I decided last minute to do Inktober but I ended up already messing up a few days in. XD These are more like sketches than actual ink drawings but at least it's something and I'm getting them done, right? lol Actually I had to catch up, but fortunately I was never more than a day or two behind. haha Those of you following my twitter or tumblr know that I've been struggling to keep up but I hope to keep it going. 

My goal was to draw things I don't usually draw so some things look better than others but I tried to use references. Started a new sketchbook just for this. lol It's the little things, right? ^_~ For those of you who are curious. I'm using Noodler's Lexington Gray ink and a JinHao x750 fountain pen with a Fude nib. I'm still getting used to using that. It's harder than I thought to use. haha

My birthday is next week! I'm not sure what I'm going to do but it probably will be mostly uneventful. I'll probably still do dinner with friends and family. The challenges of getting older. XD Not sure if I'll splurge on buying myself something...Kind of already have almost everything I want. lol There are a few minor "wants" but nothing I really need. haha I should just try to read and mess around with my hobbies.

Oh I cleared out my old watercolor palette and exchanged the paints for slightly better paints. Switched from Artist Loft to Van Gogh. lol It's still a student quality paint but I read it's one of the highest student quality paint and I do like it better than my old Artist Loft. I still have the paint in a different palette so nothing will go to waste. ^_~ Been playing around with those as I'm still a novice with those.

Job search is still on. Trying to keep my head up and keep applying. Still working on Blindfolded Love's ending. Since I was busy with interviews the last few weeks I wasn't able to finish the end as I'd like but I'm still close. Going to see if I can work on that this weekend. :D Wish me luck! Still looking for Beta Readers so contact me if you're interested!

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