Friday, June 20, 2014

MoH Duties + Sketch Dump

Hello darlings! I won't have much time to write this week so here's an actual pre-planned post! I haven't exactly been working on my projects as I would like since I've been busy planning and doing things for the upcoming wedding.

My sister is getting married as some of you may know and it was quickly approaching! Before I knew it the day's finally here! She's getting married on Saturday so I'm not exactly sure what other things I'll need to prepare for but I think most of my duties are complete. I just need to prepare a Maid of Honor speech which makes me a little nervous. I'm not a public speaker and I haven't done it in awhile so I'll need practice. I hope that it'll turn out well. Hoping it'll be fun. Just need to learn to relax and have a good time. :) So glad I'll probably only have to do it once. XD

Meanwhile, I made a decision to try to finish a long time WIP. I really want to finish "Blindfolded Love". For those of you following my sketches they are pretty much the same two characters I've been sketching all the time. XD Originally it was just going to be a comic but I felt like it wasn't good enough so I started to write it in a novel form for the Campnanowrimo July 2013.

I wrote about half of it before stopping and working on another project. Then I decided to pick this one back up and had an urge to fix it. Now I really want to finish it and move on. It's really tough because now I want to work on a different project but my goal for this month is to at least finish this story by the end of June. There are a bunch of random scenes that I need to transition into the story since they were written randomly. lol That'll be fun to fix. /sarcasm

I also have the urge to read but haven't been able to do that either. *whimpers* I plan to go on a weekend binge once the wedding is done and things have settled. I have been able to play with some watercolors which has been fun. The paper really does matter. (is a noob) So don't be like me. Make sure you get quality supplies! I'll have to post some progress shots that I actually remembered to take while doing it. lol I did kind of mess up at the end though. I'm not too fond of it now but I sort of fixed it but I don't think it'll ever be the same. lol There is a thing as overdoing a painting. Especially on a watercolor painting. XD

Oh, I've got some cons I need to prepare for that's coming up in July (Glass City Con) and August (Otakon). Oh boy, I'm going to be super busy these next couple of months. o.0;;

One last thing, I have an interview next week for a FT job. It's a courteousy interview but I'm going to do the best I can anyways. So wish me luck! :D

Just wanted to give you guys a little bit of what's been going on with me. I haven't forgotten or abandoned this blog or OriginiquEquanimity. I've just been crazy busy. >_<;; Hope you all are doing well! :D

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  1. You were the best MoH ever!!! Thank you so much for your beautiful speech! I tear up every time I think about it! I love you so much!!! <3