Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blindfolded Love Progress

Blindfolded Love
Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Adventure
Niella, a Creahuntress (creature hunter) Princess, wants to avoid marrying her betrothed arranged by her uncle. She doesn't want to marry someone she doesn't love or who isn't on her skill level. Her uncle agrees but in order to void the marriage she must capture or kill the Creashifter, QuickSilver, a creature shifter who has been able to elude all Hunters. Quicksilver is also responsible for the deaths of her father and brother.
Progress...for novel
Outline Done: 80%
1st Draft Done: 100%
2nd Draft Done: 70%

Total Page Estimation: 160

Progress...for comic
Character Design: 80%
% Outline Done: 75%
% Script Done: 20%
% Thumbnails Done: 70%

Total Page Estimation: 40+ pages
# Pages Penciled: 3
# Pages Inked: 0
# Pages completed: 0

Latest Updates

Heh, ok so I started with 23k but ended up now with about 51k which I had written since Campnano in July 2013 but didn't record it...I wrote off and on with this story but now I think I've got a rough 1st draft done.

-Attempting to revise for a 2nd draft.
-Looking for beta readers.
-Set a rough schedule for a tentative release date in April.

Whoops, forgot to mention it but I decided to write part of this story for Campnano in July 2013. Got a good amount written. It's not up to par with my writing level but I decided to try and keep doing it anyways. I was able to make my goal of 20k using my outline script that was originally for my comic.

Going to be where I try to get the comic completed to see if I can actually finish one. XD The characters are fun and I've already got the sequel planned.

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