Friday, April 18, 2014

Review: Shoplet Featuring Regency Guest Chair

I was granted the privilege of reviewing Shoplet's latest product, the Regency Guest Chair.

I received the product super quick and was pleased to receive it well packaged. I didn't have to worry at all about scratches or if anything would be torn so if you're having it delivered you have little worries here. All the frames and legs were carefully protected.

First thing I want to mention. Don't be deceived like I was, this chair is larger than it looks! I didn't really understand how big it was when I saw the dimensions of 22"W x 23"D x 34"H. I'm a below average size/height person so it's huge for me. I could sit cross legged in it comfortably. The arms do get in the way a little but I can sit at an angle and it's no problem then. So beware, if you're interested, make sure you know its dimensions!

A close up shot of the seat cushion and wood. I love the sleek look. It's what made me want to review this lovely chair. I wanted to replace my current office chair which is an old collapsible chair. It appears that the wood is made from cherry. I'm not familiar with the different types of wood or finishes but I liked it. It's also nice and smooth so there is almost a zero percent chance for you to get a splinter. The color of the wood is a closer to the picture on Shoplet's website but I'm also taking the pictures out in the bright sun so the colors of the wood may vary for you.

Here is an even closer shot of the design of the fabric. I like the dark tones and the subtle design makes it look classy. I prefer dark colors as it makes it so much easier to clean if it comes to that. It's comfortable to rub when I run my fingers along it. Not too smooth but not too coarse. There is definitely a little bit of friction so you won't be slipping and sliding if you sit on it. It's smooth enough so that it's also comfortable.

Here is the cushion of the seat. It's actually separate from the wood frame below it. You can choose where to align the cushion to where you'd like it.

The cushion is thick. Probably 3 inches so I don't think you will have to worry about it deflating on you. I believe the seat is made of foam. This is where I had a slight issue. The cushion and the back of the chair are made of this stiff foam that gives in little when you sit on it. I had expected it to be a little more soft and comfortable. Maybe I need to break it in more? That might be it, but it's not really a chair you'll sit in for long periods of time. Also there is a firm piece of wood under the seat so you don't need to worry so much about an uneven sitting experience.

Side shot.

Back shot.

I put the entire thing together myself. They give you these little covers to hide the bolts which connected the chair's arms to the back frame.

Now I'm going to complain a little, I'm not particularly handy so putting this chair together took me around 2 hours by myself when it should have taken less time.

The first problem is when I was building it. The set up was actually mostly straight forward but I did have problems when it came to the 3 short bolts. I figured they were all the same as the instructions didn't mention a difference and looked very similar. Anyways, long story short, one bolt for the arm wasn't working and it turned out the third bolt I used to hold the seat to the chair frame was slightly different from the other two. I had to take that out then switch them and then everything worked out. Still it would have been nice to know it prior to doing all the work.

The other problem was that the chair comes pre-drilled. You't think that it would make it faster, and it does because all you need to do is use a tool they give you and screw in the bolts. However, I had issues trying to get the bolt to align with the pre-drilled threads. A few of the bolts were fine but when I got to putting the arms to the chair frames I had problems. I was screwing it in but it wasn't going anywhere. It wasn't connecting to the pre-drilled threads which was incredibly frustrating. It might have been the angles that I was screwing it in but I had to force the arms closer to the frame so that they would start threading through. I eventually did it but not before I worked up a sweat. lol I was proud over all but exhausted.

In summary, I'd fix the 3 different short bolts when it's really 2 short bolts and a short bolt which they should identify separately. Then also maybe give us a hint or trick on how to align the threads of the bolt with the object so that it'll be easier for us to build.

A shot of under the chair. If you're going to build this, you're going to see a lot of this.

In the end, it's a really nice chair but not for my purpose. I needed a more compact and comfortable chair that I can sit for long periods of time. This chair is beautiful but not the most comfortable in my opinion. Again, you might have to break it in but the foam is so firm I'm not sure about that. This chair won't be staying with me, I'll be giving it to my brother who has the space for it.

**Disclaimer: These products were provided by Shoplet and in return for this review I was able to keep the product in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was paid. All Promotional ProductsPromotional shirtsOffice Supplies, and/or Office Stationary are courtesy of Shoplet.

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