Thursday, October 31, 2013

Review: Shoplet Featuring Medline Products

I know I don't usually review personal hygiene products but I had to give this stuff a try since Winter is coming and I get notoriously dry skin during that time. Usually I get office products from Shoplet to review but this time around I got an option to try Medline items instead which is an interesting but pleasant change.

First off, the Cleansing Foam is very gentle and nice for a no-rinse foam. I've not really used any other no-rinse foam formulas so I don't have much experience but I do enjoy using it. It's very light on your skin that you barely feel like it's there. I love that it's convenient that I don't have to rinse it off if I'm on the go. The instructions mentions wiping it off with a damp cloth or you don't have to but I'd probably use a damp cloth just out of habit but it's nice knowing you don't have to rinse it off. It has a slight perfume smell which isn't overwhelming and I think it's pleasant.

Next the Nourishing Moisturizer is nice, it blends into the skin nicely but I personally think it feels greasy at first till it absorbs but after it does it feels great. It's lightly scented but it's pleasant and not overbearing. One thing I did notice is that it takes longer to absorb with wet hands which I tend to do especially after a shower so make sure your hands are dry before rubbing on the moisturizer to speed up application. I would recommend avoiding your eyes or rubbing your eyes after. I learned that the hard way. It's not that I purposely rubbed my eyes but I usually put it on when I go to bed and happened to rub my eyes as I was lying in bed and it burns/stings so avoid doing that. Otherwise, it's a nice moisturizer and I'd recommend it.

The Hydrating Moisturizer is interesting because it supposedly has a breathable, water resistant film. I'm not sure how to test it out so I'll take it for what it says since it does somewhat feel water resistant. Likewise with the Nourishing Moisturizer it is very lightly perfumed but you can barely smell it. The silicone blend I feel makes the cream a bit sticky when rubbing it in but if you don't mind that then if you continue rubbing eventually the stickiness fades. You can feel the slight film but it's not bothersome but you can feel a little resistance like when I rub my hands together after application.

Lastly, the Flushable Wipes so I admit I hardly ever use these type of things but it was interesting and reminds me very much of flushable baby wipes. It's gentle and the cloth is nice feeling, more like a soft, damp piece of breathable fabric rather than paper or thin toilet paper. It's not extremely durable so you can poke holes in it or accidentally rip it but it does its job. Also lightly perfumed I think it smells nice but not like a baby wipe in case you were worried about that. The wipe is for only one time use only and then you can dispose in the trash or in the toilet as it is biodegradable.

Since I have oily skin I'd be concerned that using the foam alone wouldn't clean my skin enough but I think it's a nice set of products for average and sensitive skin. These products are great for sensitive skin types as it is also hypoallergenic which I am not but it still feels great on my skin. It helps with regulating healthy skin cells so I imagine it helps re-balance pH levels of the skin and oils.

Overall these are nice products and if you're have trouble finding a good fit for hypoallergenic hygiene products I'd recommend giving them a try.

**Disclaimer: These products were provided by Shoplet and in return for this review I was able to keep the product in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was paid. All Promotional ProductsPromotional shirtsOffice Supplies, and/or Office Stationary are courtesy of Shoplet.

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