Friday, July 19, 2013

Otakon 2013 Artist Alley Placement

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I'll have an Artist Alley Table at Otakon this year! I'll be sharing with my good friend Kagar at E-llusion Studio! If you happen to be going please check out my stuff! It will be my second Otakon but my first time having a table there so I'll be nervous but please don't let that stop you from stopping by and saying hi! I'll be selling prints, stickers, bookmarks, blank notebooks with my design, and commissions. If possible I'd like to do mini-comics, sketchbooks, and buttons. :D For now you can also buy stuff at my online store or at least take a sneak peek of what I have so you can purchase at the con!

If you do plan on stopping by please leave a comment so I can try to put a face with the commenter when you do stop by. :D

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