Monday, June 10, 2013

Old (Before-I-Started-Dating-my-Work) Sketches - 2006-2008

Wow, sorry guys, I keep falling behind on my weekly posts! >_<;; I have to work on that.

The first dated sketch in this post was in 2008 but I think these started in 2006 or 2007 before I thought to learn to date my work. haha I regret it now since it would have been good to see when I started them. I'm the type that takes forever to get through a sketchbook so if you're like me and you're reading this now and you don't date your work, do it now, you'll be happy that you did later in life when you refer back to them! If you start doing that then I've done my artist civil duty today. ^_~

Lately I've been working but I've picked up the writing project for JuNoWriMo which is basically NaNoWriMo in June! I was actually going to do the CampNaNo in July but decided why not start now?! lol That's a good and bad thing. I wanted a good outline before I started writing but that kept getting pushed off so I decided to just start writing and change things later. lol So far so good, I've been able to keep up but I want to stay ahead but I'm running out of material. Pulling things off from the top of my head. haha Still it's good fun, if not crazy illogical, sometimes. Going to attempt the July CampNaNo after June so it's going to be some crazy two months.

Are any of you crazies going to attempt July CampNaNo right after JuNoWrimo? Hope you all are taking care of yourselves. :D

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