Monday, June 17, 2013

Random Old Sketches and Junowrimo Update

More old sketches where I wished that I had dated them. XD Most are old but some of them are dated. lol

I've update the comment system with Disqus so that it'll be easier for you guys to post and for me to reply. I'm sorry I don't reply to you guys even though I want to but it's hard to do it through blogger so I usually try to reply through Twitter or some other means. lol I don't think you guys mind. Still it's a bother so I installed this so hopefully this makes it much easier for you guys. :D

Wasn't able to get through reading all my books before they were due but that's ok. I'll return them and get them out again later. That's the beauty of the wonderful library system. ^_~ I really need to read some of the books that I want to read before they are due. lol

Junowrimo is going ok, I was doing great but slacked horribly this past weekend. Right now I'm about 4k behind but lots of things came up this weekend and I just couldn't get into gear with writing. I'm hoping to catch up so I can make my word count this week! :D Still haven't worked on an outline, may need to set aside time sometime this week to actually do that. lol

This is sort of how I used to draw my sketches when I was still learning to draw faces consistently (still working on that lol). They are all head shots. XD I still do this sometimes but now I'm getting better and I'm starting to include the upper body at least. haha

Drawing clothes which is funny since I'm not really one to care for fashion too much. Oh and I hate to draw shoes/feet. I'm getting better at it now. lol

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