Saturday, May 25, 2013

Review: Shoplet Featuring Ash City Ladies' Core365 Jacket

Hey all! I know I normally try to do art or office products review but I thought I'd give this jacket review a try since one can never have enough jackets when going to cons, right? ^_~ This promotional product jacket was provided courtesy of  Shoplet and Ash City to review.

This jacket is the Ladies' Core 365 and I chose the Classic Navy color in Medium. It has a waterproof shell which I love because where I live it could be bright and shiny in the morning then be pouring rain in the afternoon. It's seam-sealed so I don't have to worry about water soaking through. The jacket is extremely light weight so it barely feels like you're wearing it. Unfortunately, because it's so light weight the jacket fabric is pretty thin so it offers little protection from the elements there.

It's slim fitting and attractive. It's quite comfortable to wear. The fabric is a bit stiff, probably because it's new and waterproof but I assume as you wear it more it'll be more worn to your liking. If you're the type to like more room I'd recommend getting it a size bigger. I usually like to layer up and wear multiple clothes in case it gets cold/hot so I can add/subtract layers as needed. Unfortunately, I forgot to remember this as I order the jacket and I got it just right so I won't be able to layer up. This jacket will not stretch because of the waterproof shell.

Showing air vents for added breath-ability. Actually this is probably the only problem I had with this jacket because since it's waterproof it seemed like it limited the amount of air passing through the jacket. It says it's breath-able but perhaps I wore it on too hot of a day but I was sweating pretty badly because the waterproof shell kept all my heat/sweat inside. The waterproof shell kind of did it's job but in the opposite way. lol It kept the heat and sweat inside versus keeping water outside. Still it definitely did it's job in keeping water in or out but the air vents didn't help as much as I would have liked. It is wind resistant so that is a plus if where you live is too windy.

Underarm air vents.

Back air vents.

Showing the front zipper and flap. The velcro makes sure that water doesn't leak through which is a nice added security. You can zip it all the way up to your chin which is a bit tight for me but works. At the top white you can see the reflective piping so you can wear it at night. You can also see the reflective piping in the second photo on the lower back of the jacket.

The inner tag of the jacket which is sewn into the mesh of the jacket.

I'm pointing to the start of the zipper for the EZEM system. At first I thought it was a huge pocket! To be honest, I had no idea what this was for until I looked up on their website. Apparently this EZEM system is for easier access for when a person embroiders. This makes sense because if a company ordered the jackets they could pay an external embroidery company to embroider a company logo or an employee's name. Otherwise, it looks like it serves no other purpose.

Unzipped EZEM system.

Snap button at the bottom. It secures tightly with a nice snap.

Overall, I think it is a nice little jacket. I would like it to be a little more breath-able but it's not big turn off. I could just take it off if I got too hot. I wish it had more pockets on the inside but I do like the two it had with zippers. The two features I liked best were that it is light weight and waterproof because it's always good to have a useful jacket.

Information sent by the company illustrating the EZEM system and features of the jacket. Most of this information can be found on the product page.

**Disclaimer: These products were provided by Shoplet and in return for this review I was able to keep the product in exchange for an honest review.

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