Saturday, January 5, 2013

Nanowrimo Ends but Janowrimo Begins!

So I was about to erase my dry erase board before I decided to take a picture which is why there is a white space where a line should be between Monday and Tuesday. XD Sorry about that. haha

My first Nanowrimo was a failure for 2012. I was attempting to write my version of Beauty and the Beast called Wildly Charming. I've been procrastinating on this post for far too long. I should have wrote this blog post right after the event. haha It wasn't a complete failure though since I was able to get to 12,477 words. I think I wasn't as ready for it because I didn't have a good outline so I was pulling stuff out of my butt. When I got about several days behind I was torn between continuing or stopping and have a better outline. I settled for stopping. I know, bad. Still I was starting brainstorm and thought about combining some of my stories into one. Then I decided to change the setting and story line which basically makes everything I wrote useless. lol Still it was a good experience. I've decided that I need to have a good solid outline before I'm able to write decently.

Right now I'm sort of attempting the January Nanowrimo which is called on Twitter #Janowrimo and I'm giving it a try but not doing so good at the moment. I really want to get Cryptic Treasures written but I haven't made a good outline for it yet although I have written a screen play which I'm loosely basing the novel on. The novel is going to be more in depth than the screen play. This story I've been plotting for awhile but never got around to actually writing it and it's been sitting for a long time. The characters in this story feel more alive to me than any others but as always the middle is always murky to me. Not going to give up and will try to go write it the best I can for now and edit the crap out of it later. lol

Lessons I've Learned:

  • Outlines are good
  • Know the characters beforehand
  • Have at least one general problem to for the hero/heroine to overcome
  • Keep a minimum amount of characters possible that keeps the story going
  • Don't get caught up with grammar/spelling
  • Have a point in each scene
  • Take notes of inspiration when you get it or you'll forget it
Those are the ones I can think of at the moment but I may add some later after I finish the January Nanowrimo. Now I probably was not as dedicated as many other Nanowriters so just take my opinions with a grain of salt. I really hope to get a project finished by the end of the year. I should update my New Year Resolution and Goals. haha Next post I suppose. lol Hope we all have a happy and successful 2013!


  1. You haven't done what you expected, but you've done something many of us haven't done. You tried.

    More importantly, you took the time to think through what you've done and what is important for you next time in order to be more successful. Many people who have tried writing a novel just give up.

    Yes, writing a successful novel is your goal, but part of doing anything is to continually learn and grow from the process itself. Whether the goal is met or not, what you get out of doing it is extremely important. Sometimes mid-goal you realize what you've learned and that you want to take an entirely different step.

    Either way, I wish you luck in all your gaols :-)

  2. GOALS! GOALS!!!! Not gaols!!!!

    PS: What I've learned is that I have to re-read my blog comments every single time!