Monday, November 5, 2012

Caged Cranes Giveaway Winner and Nanowrimo Ramble

The for my Caged Cranes giveaway is

Jennifer Hall!

I've emailed the winner and you have a week to contact me again before it goes to someone else.

Thanks for entering everyone! This was a very successful giveaway. I will have to do another one sometime. Hope you all have a great November!

Speaking of November, I've fallen a bit behind on Nanowrimo which is bad. I should have worked on the outline some more. Right now I'm just pulling stuff out of my butt. haha Still I'm trying to catch up. I think I can do it. Just need to sit my butt down and type more often. I'm horrible about starting but once I do I'm good. It's bad that I skipped a few days. I hope to not fall behind again once caught up. Really want to get ahead if I can but we'll see. If you're doing it let me know! Add me! My username is "Aisazia" of course. :D

Good luck to my other Nanowrimo comrades! Hope you guys are succeeding more than me! lol

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