Sunday, November 18, 2012

Homework Sketch Dump 6 + Happy Thanksgiving

Sketches I had to do for my 3D modeling homework at school. These sketches were all copied from Bridgman's Complete Guide to Drawing from Life. It's interesting to learn to draw from it. Hopefully it improves my anatomy. XD

Fell extremely behind with Nanowrimo and with these blog posts. Sorry guys, I need to spend time to write a substantial post. No good excuse really. Work and school. Right after work I don't feel like doing much. I don't like how the sun is setting so early. T^T I prefer drawing in the day time in natural light. Also I don't like wasting electricity. lol

Got my wisdom teeth out last Friday which was a bit nerve wracking but I'm doing well now. I was awake the whole time and shaking. lol Not good but it went ok, I was fine the next day. I'm still healing but I've been eating solid foods which is good. Feel almost back to normal but still don't wanna over extend my jaw or anything. I'm off pain meds so that's always good, I didn't even take a lot after the surgery which I'm grateful. Actually the entire experience was good for me. I'm very blessed and lucky to not have any horror stories or such a painful experience.

Thanksgiving is coming up and so is a break! Yay! Hoping I can try to be productive during that time. Either write to catch up or draw. >_<;; What are you guys doing during your break? :D

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