Friday, March 30, 2012

Review: Michael's "L-Block" journal

(Note: This is an old post but still relevant. Had planned to write this in 2011 but haven't got to it until now. Going to do some reviews of tools I use for my creativity. :) Just for my personal progress and for fun. :D )

I wanted to start a journal this year (2011) but didn't realize the types of journals there were or even what made up a "good" journal. I had several journals already stored at home and ready for use but I never had the nerve to use them because I didn't know what to write in them. I'm still rather new to this so please be considerate about the comments to my posts. :)

Michael's "L-Block" journal
Ok, it was cheap, I liked the feel of the paper and the cover. It was sort of rubbery/leathery feeling with thick blank paper. I like smooth thick paper that didn't show any see-through on the writing. I used mainly ballpoints and gel pens which worked. It was also on sale for $1.50. It said it was a journal so I figured that I would start using it for my Morning Journal and it had lots of pages so I thought, "Why not?" Big mistake.

The paper was fine (not fountain pen friendly though), everything was fine until all the pages started falling out. lol This was before I knew about sewn pages and glued pages(for you newbies who were like me: look for sewn notebooks, they hold up better than glued). I was getting frustrated about midway through the journal writing one page sheet a day since March. Now I made a pledge near the beginning of June (4 months later) to skip to a new journal in July since this one was falling apart.

You can see in the images the loose pages about to fall out. Luckily I dated all the pages so was able to put them back in order when they fell out. I ended up saving the rest of the pages to be made into a pocket notebook. Need a new cover and to sew the pages together.

Some decoration drawing I did on the interior. I was going to elaborate on it more but couldn't handle it falling apart anymore so I just left it as that. Overall, this journal is cheap and not worth it if you want a real journal. If you like the paper you can just buy it for the paper and make your own notebooks. lol

Took the rest of the pages and plan on  stapling them together to make pocket notebooks or sketchbooks. These are part of my secret project that if anyone was following me on here and dA would know about. lol I was able to make 31 signature of 5 pages each folded. That's a good amount of books.:D Sorry for the horribly quality and the unevenness of the stack. They kept wanting to slide off.

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