Friday, April 6, 2012

Old/Ugly Sketch Dump

As the title says, this is a small sketch dump of old or ugly sketches. This post is quite embarrassing but this is pretty much how some of my sketch pages look like. lol Not all are this ugly but they can be uglier sometimes. XD

The first image below is a character I was drawing that my brother and I created but turned out she has too much attitude than what he wanted in the character. He wanted a more timid character so that she could grow. I like my girls strong. lol

Ok, I was messing with some paints that I won not knowing they would bleed. Decided it added a sort of funky feel to my sketches so just sketched on top of it. lol Also I don't like wasting blank pages so I just did whatever to cover it. Looks like a mess but it was interesting. Right so the black dots are my BIC Pen ink that I broke. lol BICs don't usually break, I wanted to use all the ink because it stopped flowing so I cut it with scissors and dotted the pages. XD

Ugh, my poor attempts of drawing Niella's face semi-realistic. She looks like a clown with big lips...>_<;; lol Ah well, practice makes perfect!

Sorry, these are old (2008 I think) and ugly. When I first started my sketchbook and was still finding my own style. Even before I started to date my work. lol Head shots galore! Still need to work on my character consistency. XD These guys are from my comic Perfectly Imperfect.