Monday, November 7, 2011

November Game Plan + Breaking Progress

Above is old progress(a year or so...) of my comic Breaking. It shows my thumbnails/script that I started and a few pages of the actual comic but as usual nothing complete or nearly complete which is fine. I wasn't quite sure where I was going with this comic anyways. XD I lately had a break through on what the general plot may be but have yet to devise an ending of any sort for this comic. (Trying not to give away any spoilers but let's say it's something Fairytale related) lol I have the main characters completed for the most part but will probably still develop and them some more. Enjoy trying to read my chicken scratch. XD

So November was the month where I was going to be more strict with myself on working on my comics. I failed horribly the first week. My goal was to complete two one shots(my 24 Hour Comic and Eilam's side story comic) this month which were partially done in some form or another. I used a dry erase board to schedule myself out and ridiculously I had myself completing approximately 8 pages a week(mind you part of the pages were already penciled or blue-lined. Still the first week I found myself distracted with life/friends/family and wasting away in the computer/internet time sink.

As the second week came around I got to thinking that I needed to be more realistic after talking with people, reading articles and advice on comics from professional comic creators, and tweeting with people. I learned that I need to try to be more determined so I plan on trying to make creating comics my second part-time job. I need to force myself to be more serious, focused, and motivated. I hope dear readers that you will pester me once in awhile to see my progress. lol I also learned that I needed my weekly goals to be task-oriented(pencils, background, speech bubbles) instead of setting the amount of pages to be my goal. That wasn't doing anything for me. lol

Lastly, I set up a few rules for myself so insure that I would not get distracted.  I decided I wanted to create a game plan to help me finish a comic. I plan to add more as I go but started off with these four basic rules. They are as follow (feel free to laugh):
  1. Have fun! If not, take a break.
  2. If I'm not working on a comic, I must be productive doing something else instead. (e.g. writing, sketching, drawing, brainstorming, house hold chores, etc)
  3. No internet after work unless it is an emergency(pay bills/submit time card) or is comic related. Being on the computer w/o internet is acceptable.
  4. Go to bed by 10pm. (might change this to 10:30 pm since I already messed this up last night by going to bed at 10:30. XD
So those are my plans for the next couple of weeks and I'll see how it works out. I plan on focusing on completing only my 24 Hour Comic since that is the most completed comic and I don't really care if it comes out horribly since it's already kind of random. lol

What about you guys? Do you have a game plan when it comes to comics? Any advice for those who still have trouble starting off?