Monday, October 24, 2011

Current Books - 10/24/11

So if you read my blogs you would know that I'm a notebook/sketchbook addict. I realized this probably around the middle of this year and have since been collecting them (when they are on sale or I find one I REALLY like) and here is part of my collection. These notebooks/sketchbooks are ones that are currently in use. I'm actually running out of space on my bookshelves but whenever I bring home new books I always manage to make space. ;) Although now I have to be more cautious of what I buy and try to use the ones I have first before using a new book. Plan on doing reviews on them whenever I have some time so please look forward to that! :D
A doodle in my L block journal that I was going to finish but didn't because it started to fall apart.
My current tower of notebooks and sketchbooks. XD Break down of each to follow.

My current list of sketchbooks. They are pretty self explanatory I don't dedicate any of them to anything specific. The ones on the top I've had since high school and am desperately trying to use those before I use anymore...They've shown the most progress I've had since they are so old. I ended up starting my blue one(bought as a two for one at Walmart) on the bottom since I've damaged the covers so much of my smaller one. You can see the cover and pages curling up. The little black one is a pocket Moleskine with a storyboard interior. Planned to use that for illustration and my AlieNations comic strip. The middle one is my current Sketchbook Project sketchbook but I need to add more to the cover and finish it before February.
My current notebooks. The top pure black is a Poppin which I got free for a giveaway and keeps track of my comic progress. The one on the right is a Paperblanks which I won from the contest which is supposed to be my To-Do list. The sea horse is a Banana Paper which uses non-tree elements and is my gratitude and goals journal. Then my Green/Black flower is a Picadilly which I used for Taiwan and has been my catch-all comic/journal/quote notebook.
 Some more notebooks. These are smaller. The top left is a Paperblanks, the other I won from the Paperblanks contest. I actually like the size, it's very convenient to put in a bag and has been my catch all since I got it. The peacock I got from Michael's for $.50 and has been my quote journal. Any funny quote I hear I try to put it in there. The periwinkle with the girl and cats was a birthday gift from a friend which I've been using to keep track of what my sister and I owe each other. The flower fushia/green is also from Michael's for the same price as the peacock which I tried to use to keep track of my expenses but turned out to be a catch-all for random stuff. XD

The flower I forgot where I got from and decided to use it to keep track of things I sold at conventions. The green notebook is a leather Mead notebook which I like to record things I bought for my business. :D
Current daily journals. The L block Journal(from Michael's) I started March 1, 2011 to June 31, 2011 since it started falling apart. You can see the missing pages. Then I started my Green Journal July 1, 2011 and am currently still using it. I got from Half-Price Books and I'm about half way through now.

Feel free to ask any questions about anything! :D

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