Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Game Plan Progress...

The image is the concept/brainstorm I did when I did my 24 Hour Comic (which I still am in the process of finishing). Here's a preview, if you can even decipher it. lol The two main characters, there's another character I added spontaneously who isn't in there. Sorry it's not much but I still hope you enjoy!

Ugh, have not been following my game plan at all...Can't believe it's December already. I'm not going to do something crazy like try to get a comic project done this month. Although, if I can that would be good but I'm going to extend it to January. I still have some art trades and secret santa gifts to finish before the year ends anyways.

I have revised my GTD Game Plan. Now I'm trying to break things up into daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Hopefully I'll attempt to get more serious about my comics and illustration work. :)

Sorry haven't been too active lately. Real life things have been dragging me down a little. Trying to be a little more productive. I opened my new online store selling prints at aisazia.storenvy.com if you are interested. I already have the prints ready, just need an address to ship them to. ^_~ 

I'm open to lowering shipping fees if you order more than one print. :D Look forward to key chains and bookmarks as well. I'm planning on eventually adding buttons, stickers, and charms. In the distant future published comics, mini-comics, and sketchbooks. What else would you guys like to see?

Currently I'm trying to re-upload and reorganize my sketches so that I don't re-post ones I already had. As you already see most of these sketches are random and messy. They are for the most part unedited so you get to see them in all their unflattering glory. Plus, I'm too lazy to edit them any more than add my link to them. I will eventually go back and edit the previous sketches with the newly updated images with links. So I'll be working on that a little this month.

I'm actively on Twitter, Tumblr, and Deviantart if you guys really want to get a hold of me. I'm on there daily so feel free to drop by and say hi on any of them. :D