Monday, September 26, 2011

24 Hour Comics Day Prep

Sorry no sketch page today, I'll make up for it by adding 2 next time. ^_~

Slowly working on Eilam's story, I've got about 10 pages penciled but I didn't do any backgrounds as I suck at them. I also need to plan it out which is why I'm just drawing the figures first. XD It should be 26 pages so almost half way through pencils. I plan on just scanning those in and edit them on the computer. Also I want to add the word bubbles and text on the computer as I don't really trust my own handwriting. lol The progress was really the past week or so, I suddenly felt like I needed to do something. I'm happy that I'm getting it done! Need to keep this motivation up! XD

I was going to do a challenge for myself this past Sunday to do 12 comic pages in 12 hours but I couldn't because my family decided to celebrate my parent's anniversary with a lunch that day instead of the actual date on Friday, so I couldn't do it. lol That was going to be in preparation of the 24 Hour Comics Day because I wanted to see if I could do it. I'm kinda excited for it since I've never had a true all-nighter before. I'm weird, I know. lol I don't think I've ever stayed up 24 hours straight, I always found a way to sleep. XD I think the least amount of sleep I've ever had was 3 hours. lol Hopefully I can finish the pages. I've never done it before but we'll see! I'm going to do my best! I hope it'll be fun too! lol Hopefully I won't be grumpy either cause sometimes I do if i don't get enough sleep. ^_^;; Oh if you want to follow my progress I'll be tweeting on my twitter( if you're interested in seeing me either succeed or fail. No photos though because I don't have a sophisticated phone. XD

Are any of you guys going to take on the 24 Hour Comic challenge? :D Let me know! I'd love to see it! Also I'll link your work on my entry of what I was able to complete. ^_~ I'll post an entry on my success/failure but even if I don't finish I'll still try to complete it later on my own time after a day's rest. XD

I got my 24HCD Survival Kit from Blitz Comics which is pretty cool and helpful for first timers. Definitely helped prep me for the day. At least the materials and planning list helped me. XD What's even better is that if you're one of the first 35 you get a free comic so check it out! They are already about half taken so hurry if you want one! :D

Needed to find a day to scan in all my sketchbook pages. lol Been procrastinating on scanning all the images. Slowly filling up my sketchbooks so I'm pretty proud. If you've noticed the dates, I'm not really putting up the pages in order. I've just been putting up the sketchbook pages according to how I feel and what the content of the journal is related. lol I'm still not done with a sketchbook (well I did finish a sketch pad, not sure if that's the same lol). It only took me since high school so like 5 or 6 years as I'm still not finished, maybe halfway done. Looking forward to using a new sketchbook as if you read this blog you'd know that I'm sort of a sketchbook/notebook addict. XD I just bought 4 new journals/sketchbooks over the weekend. OTL lol Need to work on that because I'm running out of space but they are so cool! XD

Still nothing from Ohayocon....OTL Oh well at least I have other things on my mind.

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