Monday, August 29, 2011

Setting Priorities and Comic Conventions

Finished Ref. Sheets: Eilam GuilloryCitlali Tresler

Haha, been doing a lot of sketching lately. Not so much illustrating as I had hoped. Probably doesn't help that I'm watching movie with my parents or doing other things. lol Been journaling fairly consistently each day but sketching not so much. Need to stop that. Going to try to sketch every day, even if it's only for 15 minutes or so. *is determined*

Just ran out of buffer sketches, need to mass scan more in. I have plenty just need to take time to scan them in. Actually I kind of forget which sketch pages I have or haven't scanned...OTL I need a better system. lol Haven't had time to hook up my scanner properly so it's kind of a pain to attach and detach the wires every time I want to scan something.

Trying to organize which comics I should start first. I wanted to do PI: Live For The Moment but then it would spoil the comic which I haven't started. So I decided to start doing a comic based on a literary piece on Eilam and Citlali that I already wrote but complete it in comic/illustrated form. That way it'll give me practice and I'll have something I can post without worrying about spoilers. :D

Along side that I plan on working on Blindfolded Love and try to work on finishing Unleash and starting AlieNations. Yeah, good planning. XD I hope to at least finish something by the end of next month. Not incredibly productive this past summer but it's better a little something than nothing. Just really need to get my priorities sorted out.

Oh right, plan on getting back into the convention scene. :D Got back from Otakon (my first out-of-state convention) and Matsuricon which was a blast! Only went as an attendee but that's enough. XD So I'm going to try and apply to artist alleys locally around my area. I already applied to Ohayocon. Still waiting to hear from them. Heard about half the tables are taken already so I'm crossing my fingers. lol It's been awhile so I need to create new art and finish a comic or two before then! :D Hope to stop procrastinating and actually start completing projects.

Oh a little article that touched me from a fellow comic artist: Keep on Truckin, my fellow Nattosoups - If you want it, you gotta work for it. At least that is the theme of this post. Really touching for artists that I think you should read. :D

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