Wednesday, August 10, 2011

BL Script + PI: LFTM Thumbs Done + Ohayocon 2012

Anyhoo, any one heading to Ohayocon for 2012? Anyone willing to split a table with me? Need to know this before applying which is soon! Comment for more info.

Ok, been procrastinating the last month or so. No surprise.
Ok, I guess I didn't procrastinate as much as I thought. lol I actually finished the whole script for Blindfolded Love! Ha ha! Kept hitting road blocks the last few attempts but I was finally able to conclude an ending! I'm so glad too. It's about time. Now the thumb-nailing should begin, although, I want to have someone re-read and revise the script a bit to see that it makes sense. Might ask my family if they aren't busy. XD

Above is a digital sketch of Niella. Oops running out of buffer sketches, need to scan in some. lol I really want to work on the designs of the characters too because they seem so plain compared to other characters. I know I should just get it done but I may try a few more experiments on their design before I start. ^^; Eh, we'll see how it goes, but I must start this one soon.

I was able to finish thumb-nailing all the pages for a side story for Perfectly Imperfect with the subtitle as Live for the Moment. It's the story of how the two main characters meet. Not going to spoil anything but I loved it. X3 Now I need to start those pages....Unfortunately probably won't show this until I start the main story for PI since it has spoilers in

Trying to find some small comic/illustration projects to do so that I can at least finish something...OTL I have some but for some reason am either too scared to do it or just Either way I need to get more things done and stop messing around reading manga...

Worked on a another page or so for my Sketchbook Project which is good but not going through them fast enough. Been using that sketchbook really as an outlet for drawing things I don't usually draw. So like weird creatures and patterns. lol Really interesting. Will have to scan those in when I can. XD

I hope to keep up this progress, I didn't realize how much I had done until I started this blog post. Want to get some more designs for my comic strip I want to do (AlieNations) so hopefully I can work on that the next month or so as well. :)

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