Wednesday, July 6, 2011

JCP Mission and Script/Sketch Update

Heh, yep I'm still sketching once in awhile. ^_~ The image above is a previous scene for a JCP Mission that I thought of after I already had the line art of the other image done. Click here to see the finished image of their reaction. It is basically Eilam whistling while Felix on the left is hollering at some girls while poor Duorick (middle) is stuck appalled. The guys are just cat-calling some girls showing Duorick how to pick up some girls. lol It was fun to do.

Anyways, was actually able to get some illustrations done if you're following me on my deviantart account. Which I hope you are. ^_~ Not sketching as much as I used to since I immediately write my journals instead first and then sometimes end up either watching TV, going out with my family, or doing an illustration on the computer which takes longer than it probably should. lol I've been entering contests as well sorta...well planning on it. lol Need to work on those. Haha, will try to keep you updated on my entries and what not.

Been working off and on with my Blindfolded Love script. Still working on the climax of the story. lol Yeah I know I'm slow, I just keep forgetting about it and work on other stuff instead. I have a short attention span sometimes. Still have been working on a project with my brother still too which is why I haven't focused so much on my projects but I have been now since he's currently studying abroad in China.

Did get some sketches done in my Sketchbook Project 2012 so yeah slowly working through that. My mom also have been wanting me to help her with her projects too which involve scanning pictures, combining them, then printing them.... Yeah I really need to work on my time management. OTL

Hope you all stick around! Will get something done eventually! :D

What are your guy's current projects lately?

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