Thursday, May 5, 2011

Some Progress :)

Ha, so I've been somewhat productive lately. Started working on a couple pages of my Sketchbook Project. Only the first two. XD But that's something! :D I think I'm getting a better idea of where I'm going with the sketchbook which is kind of weird for me. XD We'll see where this ends up.

The line art on the left is the initial concepts for Niella and Kuwei. I plan on changing a few things but Niella is probably mostly set. :)

Finally I was able to finish typing up the script I wrote so far for Blindfolded Love. Still unfinished but now I can draw and erase without worrying about losing the dialogue. (Yeah writing dialogue with blue pencils is not a good idea.) Hahaha I'm still learning.

From now on I will type up the script first then draw. I realized I'm horrible for just writing or drawing with pencil and losing it later when I erase thinking I'm done. Ah well, I'm so close to this being done. Hit the climax of the story and plan on taking my time so I don't rush it and make it good. Still need to finish some concept art for the locations and clothing for the different clans. For the most part BL is the longest comic that I've almost finished. The other was Unleash and was only about 20 pages and still needs fixed and toned...XD

Been writing some side stories...not going to list any out yet. But I'm almost done with the script for one of them. It's already going to be about 40 or more pages. More than the quick 20 pages I wanted it to be. Why can't I make easy stories?! lol Well hopefully I'll have more stuff to show later but for now I think I just continue working on good scripts and concepts. :D

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