Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wildly Charming + Progress Updates

Eliraz and Rune again. This might hint to what the story is about. :D Eep, running out of buffer sketches, I need to scan some new ones. lol Got a bunch drawn, just need to scan them in.

Finally found a title for my Beauty and the Beast story version. It should now be called "Wildly Charming". X3 I like it, although slightly cliche it does appeal to the personalities of the characters and it beats the normal "Beauty and the Beast" or "Beastly". XD I've also worked on their story a bit, still a little fuzzy on the middle and end but it's getting done. lol

Working on clothing designs for the different cultures in Blindfolded Love. Most of them are pretty crazy in the design but I like them. XD Just been practicing consistency and just drawing concept art of the different clans and villages. Also need to work on drawing animals...and forests...well landscapes in general. Starting to get more consistent in drawing my main characters for BL which is good. :D

Ok, the plan is to get my butt into gear. Now that I'm on break I have no excuse besides me just bumming around online. lol Tomorrow I will start getting serious! Got a new notebook which I will use to record the things I need to get done with my comics. ^_^ Two birds with one stone. Although, my plan is to refine and fix Unleash by making it more easy to read and adding pages as well as finally toning it...whenever I get used to that. I also need to work on AlieNations but I'll work on that after I get most of Unleash and BL done.

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