Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Project Updates

Here's a sketch of Kuwei. Been doodling him and Niella a lot lately. I guess it's because I've been working on their story the most recently. He looks a little off here now that I look at him again. XD Oh well, I did it a couple of months ago.

Haven't really touched the BL script since the last post...Eep, been busy but also been slacking a bit. Mostly because I've moved if you haven't been following me at all, it was unplanned and stressful. But now I'm pretty much settled...mostly. lol Also I ended up going to Chicago with my friend for 5 days so of course I was busy then.

Sort of been working on a different story with my brother which will be interesting to do. Can't talk about it now but I'll post a link on here once I'm done with it. :D Wanted to enter a few contests and submit an illustration for an art book for Japan. Hope I get it all done by the deadlines.

My sister really pissed me off when I was drawing yesterday so the one day I actually start drawing, she made me stop. Really annoying, it's also one of the few days she stays at home. Anyways, I was able to get something started yesterday, hopefully I'll be able to get it finished today.

Kinda been working on my Sketchbook Project, I managed a few more doodles in there. Turns out the things I draw in there are totally...not Turns out they are not what I usually doodle. Such as comic stuff or "pretty" looking people. I usually like drawing attractive people but in the sketchbook I've been drawing strange creatures and "average" people. XD It's weird but I guess it's good that it's not my normal style. lol I'll have to get some scans of those too as I finish.

Hope to get more stuff done in the next few days/weeks. Just wanted to post to let you know I'm still alive! :D

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