Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mini-Comic: Somniare - Buffet

Here's my mini-comic that I finished for I finished all the pages but I didn't get to put it all together or draw a cover. It was a total mess, I had trouble deciding what to do the comic on. I was working on one then decided it was too complicated...So I changed my topic. XD Anyways, please let me know what you think. I'll add more tomorrow. OTL *is sleepy* Sorry for the quality of the images, will scan it in later, these are just

EDIT: Still need to update the photos, sorry. ^^;; Anyways, the idea was from a dream which sort of explains the title. Somniare translates to "to dream" in Latin. Buffet was just the idea of the comic. XD I hope to do some more Somniare mini-comics as soon as I come up with any inspirational dreams. Wanted to keep the idea simple, in my dreams there were more specific foods so I left the food here as general blobs. XD I actually changed my mind towards the end of the day. I had the other mini-comic all scripted out and thumb-nailed but as I was drawing it, I thought it was too complicated, so I started over completely. XD Kinda funny, ate at a buffet just yesterday too. lol

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