Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Side Story Manga Contest

Here is another drawing of Kalex and Azri. X3 I like these two, but I need to define Kalex's personality a bit more. I can't decide if I want to make him less wimpy than Azri. I don't want him wimpy but Azri is definitely more adventurous than him. But he's tough in his own way. :) Still working on that. lol

Ok...I totally failed in the August One Shot Challenge I was gonna do...no surprise. Ended up hanging out with friends, watching movies, and reading manga. XD Ah oh well....but now I'm gonna try to finish a web manga for a contest. I have it all scripted out and thumbnails done, it should be around 20 pages. Just need to finish ink, tone, and add speech bubble. Hope I get it done on time. This would be my first web manga completed. XD *crosses finger* I don't know what to call it yet but it'll be a side story about Citlali and Eliam from my comic collaboration. I hope people will like it too.

Working on Eliam's fairy form and his wings. heheh It's hard to make them look cool and not girly at the same time. XD Poor guy. I also will work on Ayla's design, human and dragon. It's going to be tough designing her. Their personalities are pretty much set. Just need to finish it...work on their dialogue as well. Citlali is foreign and has an accent but not sure what kind....alien, I guess? LOL Anyways, wish me luck! I hope that I can finish that.

Oh also started another blog, OriginiquEquanimity which promotes originality and being comfortable with being unique. It will also have the comic reviews instead of here. ^_^ Just started so nothing much. I guess it supports ideas and stories mostly. lol So please take a look. ^___^

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