Saturday, August 14, 2010

Breaking CS + Break

Sorry again for the crappy scans, too lazy to crop at the moment. Here we have from left to right: Kalex, Azriel, and Zhian. They are from my comic "Breaking" their personalities and roles are pretty defined but I need to work on their Yeah I know I suck.

I'm running out of buffer post images! I have one more after this! I need to scan in more sketches. ^_^; Good thing I've been doing that at least. lol

Ah now to the important news about this journal, I won't have as much time as I thought I would for my August webcomic challenge. Now that I'm done with school and my sister is back, I'm hanging out with my friends and spending too much money. T_T But it's worth it since I haven't spent any money while in school. My goal now is to finish writing the stories and to blue pencil/pencil the whole story. I'm hoping to get most of the stories done at least by the time I start school in September.

Other related drawing news is that I've been working on a semi-realistic portrait of Skava(2Reflections). She's harder than I thought, I had no problems with Niella...I'll probably have trouble with Kuwei as well. I think it's hard for me to paint light-haired people. lol

I might have mentioned joining a Joint-Comic-Collaboration on deviantart, anyways, our next goal is to collab with someone drawing both of our characters. So I have to do 2 drawings with two artists, that will be due at the end of the month but I already sent them both sketches of my interpretations so hopefully things will be done quickly. There is also a personal goal in which we have to draw every character in the group, which is a good idea and seems fun.

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