Tuesday, July 20, 2010

August One-Shot Challenge

I do exist!

So sad....I didn't update again the previous month....been so crammed with school but no worries. I'll be done in about 3 weeks! X3 I can't wait!!! The last 3 weeks look pretty bad, well at least in MIS310...T_T It's a lot of papers and a presentation. Also the h/w and the labs for COMP121 is sooo time consuming...T_T Trying to start early so I can get it done and over with asap! But we'll see....^_^;;

Let's see, for the image....sorry for the laziness, I didn't crop the images. lol I need to stop doing that...lol Oh yeah, to the left is some 3/4 body shots of Skava and Rhyaz(top) from 2Reflections and then Niella and Kuwei(bottom) from Blindfolded Love. The designs are purposely simple so I can finish at least one manga. OTL lol

Here are some headshots of younger Riley and Kyomi both from Perfectly Imperfect. *fails* lol Hopefully I will be more consistent in the future. lol Sorry for the crappy quality but hopefully you guys can watch me grow. :D Oh the guy on the bottom is Tarek. XD He belongs with the guys above but I ran out of space so I put him on a different page. lol

Oh the point of this journal, I plan on focusing my entire break on attempting to finish all or most of 3 one shot mangas, well mainly the first two and the third on the side IF I have time. I've got a serious schedule which I hope to follow down to a tee. We'll see cause I didn't incorporate time to hang out with friends or family...But I don't know if any of them will be available but for now it will be serious.

I will attempt to do:
Blindfolded Love
Stolen Kiss

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