Tuesday, June 22, 2010

BL Update

Sheesh sorry for the crappy image quality, was just a sketch/WIP of my main female OCs. Have more that I didn't add on there and may or may not add more later...looks crowded now and I'm not sure if I'll have room. Need to ink and color it but for now I haven't really touched it. XD Gonna do one for my guys but haven't got around to completing them yet.

Still working on Blindfolded Love and my version of Beauty and the Beast. Probably going to work on those for awhile and maybe 2Reflections as well. Was able to pencil a few more pages for BL. The rest I will doodle for fun and build their stories. I really suck at staying focused. T_T Hopefully things will get better and I'll have more time to draw and write my comics soon. ^_^

School won't end until Aug. and it's still kicking my butt. Java still isn't fun nor do I understand it all any better. Tutoring is helpful but I still feel so stupid. Only 6 more weeks till this is over!!! Yes, I'm counting down the weeks. ^_^ Sad but true. I thought I would enjoy the later classes more but I was surely wrong. Please put up with more sketches and doodles as I try to work on the pages!

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