Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Stress Release...

Horrible sketches, I know but I had to throw something out there. Haven't updated in awhile, been busy with school...T_T Gots lots more doodles but not many finished drawings....OTL XD On the left is Azriel, Kalex, then Zephan and Xexilia. Lately Zephan and Xexilia have been the easiest for me to draw together.

Been drawing lately, which is weird but feels so good. It's helping release some of my stress. ^_^ Did that instead of studying...*fails* I'm almost done with all of my characters. They are all at least sketched. I've inked most of them. Finished a bunch last night which I'm proud of. ^_^ I'm missing a few of my other characters but they aren't fully developed yet so it's ok. XD Now I need to scan them in and color. XP They all pretty much have their own palettes already but I need to sit and color. Some of the designs are lame and will probably change but at least they exist on paper. XP

Here we have Neveah at the top and Skava at the bottom. I've realized I can draw girls much easier than guys...So I'm gonna try to practice drawing guys more. Wish me luck on finishing things!!! XD

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