Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Taiwan Sketches and School Life

Sketches I did while on my trip in Taiwan. It was awesome. The first group of faces are of Kuwei from Blindfolded Love. lol I realized I didn't draw him enough so I drew him some more now. XD I need more practice on consistency as you can tell but oh well...He's a fun guy to draw. XD I need to practice him more, well guys in general. Girls just are easier for me to draw...Needs to draw hot guys more. XD

This is what I drew on the airplane ride to Taiwan. I was excited so I stayed up most of the time. The little chibis are some of the things I felt while on the 14 hour flight there...XD So bored and tired. My butt felt numb a couple of times while there and never slept comfortably at all. I tried but the seats aren't far back enough and my neck hangs and it hurts. I should have gotten one of those neck pillows. Too late, well I know for next time. XD I ended up watching like 2 or 3 movies during that time too. XD I'm so lame....

Been super busy with school that I haven't had time to draw as much as I would like. It bugs me but I'm trying to finish h/w for each week. Although each time I finish a group of assignments I need to work on the next week's h/w...T_T I feel like it never ends, this isn't the fun stuff either. It's Java coding and paper writing...Not the creative stuff but they are based on theories and stuff. It's interesting but not when there are 2-3 papers each 2-3 pages long due each week...OTL Gotta find time to read, understand, then write about it. Life just isn't fair, only 11 more weeks to go...T^T

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