Monday, April 26, 2010

Stolen Kiss Progess + Char LA

Stolen Kiss characters.

Here are Kaia and Zoe from left to right top. Then Caleb and Rhett from left to right bottom. Yes, they are the girls are twins and the guys are twins. I wanted to work more on their character designs but I think I might leave them a little more plain than I would like so that I can get the story across quicker. Although I tend to make things more difficult and detailed as I go so expect them to go through some changes later...XP

Did a lot of blue pencils for their story but have yet to finish it...OTL I suck at being focused and finishing things...

I also start school this week so even less time than I would like. I'm only taking 2 classes so hopefully it won't be so bad...but I have a feeling the work will take up more time than I think.

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