Thursday, October 5, 2006

Late I know...

The update is really late I know...sorry about that. School's been a butt but I'm trying...Here's another main character! Everyone meet Lerato! hehe Such a naughty boy...

Anyways, I've decided to stay with digitally coloring it! lol Doesn't look very good in colored pencil plus I got lazy so it didn't have a very good quality. So I'll stick with this style. I'll be experiementing with it so please forgive the inconsistency. Also I don't know when the next page will be up. I'll try updating one page a week but we'll see...Could be on any day of the week so look often! Also please vote for me! *points up*

Let's see...I've got a lot of pages but need to scan and color them. That's the only problem, lol to spend it coloring and outlining the pages. hehe Oh well, dunno if anyone reads this anyway. Feel free to post a comment or just say hi. I like seeing/hearing from people! ^_^

Welp, thanks for reading,

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