Monday, October 9, 2006


Hiya! An extra page for you guys! Well probably the only page this week but it was done early so I decided to put it up! It was extra hard! Those pannels stink. lol Lazy lazy backgrounds...

Ah, my birthday is this Saturday! The 14th! I'll be 19! o.O;; Anyways, I hope you like this page! Ohhh, who is this new character? You'll have to wait and see! hehe

Speaking of characters, I should add some cast see what I can do. lol Also I may slack a little on the updates. Depends on homework and stuff but I'll try to update as much as possible! Added incentives to the daily votes to get you guys to vote more! ^_~ Those will probably be updated once a month...we'll see...

Yay! A new linky! An awesome comic and good guy here's Yuki and his comic, Hikari Project! (Also added to Other Awesome Webcomics link *points up*)

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