Saturday, October 28, 2006

Filler update

Hiya guys! Sorry I haven't updated in forever....I know I've missed a week but I doubt anyone noticed. lol Plus school's been a butt. I just haven't the time to do the comic as much as I'd like....It stinks. Bleh...Anyways I hope you guys can read my handwriting! lol Also I've decided to do sporadic updates and I'll add more to the cast when I've finialized the drawings and their backgrounds. lol

I'm thinking about doing the next two pages in color and then start doing it somehow so that I can get it done quicker. I really want to speed up the story and I guess I'm willing to give up color. lol We'll see. hehe Tell me what you think! Faster updates, no color, or slower updates and color?

Anyways, I went to my first Haunted Prison! It was awesome I had tons of fun. lol I doubt I'll do something for Halloween, sorry. I'll see how many pages I can get up! If I don't update by then, then HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

New linky! Here's Cassiopeia and her creative and unique comic, Project K.R.O.W.! Check her out below:


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