Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ah, sorry no update for a long time!! And when I do update, it's a filler!! *runs away* Sorry guys, been busy. I've sort of fixed pages 2-4 (still not quite happy with the colored ones....may fix and I'm redoing the backgrounds for pages 5-7 and working on pages 8-9. lol

So...since it's going to be Thanksgiving soon I decided just to throw up this filler until I finish the other pages. If I don't update tomorrow then, HAPPY *EARLY* THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!! lol ^_^ Forgive my laziness but school has been a pain and final's week is coming up in like 2 weeks! Bleh...anyways, I'm just going to take my time with this comic, keeping it in color and just updating when I can. ^_^ I hope that you'll still keep watching EV for updates!


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